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luni, 5 aprilie 2021

15- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (Porto Venere)

Day 13) Porto Venere I am happy to discover the Byron's grotto. The great poet George Byron was bold enough once upon a time to swim from PortoVenere to Lerice, another ligurian gem.
Plenty of tourists are heading for the fortress.
Many nice boats can be found here.
The fortress is well preserved.
I roam inside its's walls.
I catch glimpse of a fat venera carved in stone.
All the day I will relax, wander about town and swim in the Poets' gulf.
The streets are cobblestoned and so narrow.
The views from the fortress are quite mind-blowing.
I enjoy a glorious sunset.
I also read the history about an old church.

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