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marți, 23 martie 2021

12- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (Appennino Pistoiese)

I have to cope with a health problem. My back is all sore because a few days before I cycled without t-shirt.
After Borgo a Mozzano I come across Ponte del Diavolo.
This ancient bridge dates back to 12th century and I climb it on foot because it's too steep.
From this bridge I can behold some nice views.
Throughout Italy even in the small villages the heroes and the preeminent persons are well commemorated.
Soon I will leave behind Serchio River and the SS12 road will follow a small stream called Lima which is a feeder of Serchio.
The scenery is quite wild.
I am cycling in the Appennino Pistoiese range.
I will spend the night near Bagni di Lucca. Day 9) Bagni di Lucca - Cutigliano I pass through interesting villages.
At village La Lima I can admire a great church.
Here I have to turn left and I will start climbing till Cutigliano.
This quite a tourist village. I am impressed by its houses and streets.
The townhall is amazing featuring plenty of stunning bas-reliefs.
Here I will linger a few minutes to admire this building.
Today I decide to remain in the area and enjoy this rustic village and have a nice hiking in the forest.
I encounter plenty of interesting monuments. I will spend the night in this village.