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joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

The Paschal Tour 2010 - part 3 (The great county of Hunedoara)

Soon as we go out of Brad we have to pass under an old railway viaduct that is closed down now.

We are crossing The Metalliferous Mountains which belong to the Western Carpathians. The spring has not yet come in this area.

After a few km of steady and easy climb, after Luncoiu de jos village we have to climb a hill and we face some swichbacks.

I am pretty fit and I unsuccessfuly try to outrun a truck on this climb.

To my sheer joy, the incline is a bit hard here and the climb is 2 km long.

I am the first to get to the top but Liviu is indeed a strong cycloclimber. In less then 1 minute he gets to the top, too.

From the top we have a steady and long but easy climb and we cycle a lot next to Fornadia stream.

In another one hour of cycling, near Soimus township we meet the great Mures River that is one of the best rivers from our country. In the distance we can see the Deva's citadel perched on the top of a hill.

After crossing a long bridge we get to a busy road and we have to pedal a few kms. annoyed by the heavy traffic and the horendous noise.

Soon we get to Deva which is the main town in the county of Hunedoara.

Here we meet Sebi, a friend of Liviu and we go together to play billiards and eventually I am a great loser.

Then we pay a visit to Sebi's family and his parents are very kind to us and give us very tasty food.

At about 4 o'clock PM we have to go, heading for Hunedoara, an industrial town that boasts one of the best castles in Romania.

In about half an hour we get to this martyr town that has such a gorgeous coat of arms.

From here we face another great climb on a secondary road with low traffic.

We are feeling so good and especially my I really enjoy this few kilometers of decent climb.

On top of the climb the road is rather winding.

And then after a short strech of false flat we have to struggle against a tough slope again.

All of a sudden we are delighted to run into Adrian Florin, one of the best cyclists from this region. He is happy to meet us and we tell him about our trip.

Then we carry on cycling on this scenic road who gained some altitude now.

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