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duminică, 21 martie 2021

11- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 ( Lucca)

I piously enter the cathedral and here I can take a glance at a stupendous icon and a wise piece of advice.
Such a nice ceiling I can see, too.
Then I roam about the busy streets.
I discover a tiny square and a lofty column with a pieta on top.
Soon I get to admire another ancient church.
The medieval architecture is so rich and impressive.
The old town is crossed by a small stream.
This stream has plenty of big fish even if it's water is quite shallow.
As soon as I leave behind the old walled town I start cycling on SS12 road heading for the North Appenine.
I am following the Serchio River.
At Ponte a Moriano I encounter some great statues.
Here I enter the mountains still following Serchio River.
The green scenery is more scenic.
Soon I pass through a tiny tunnel.