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duminică, 19 februarie 2012

Crossing Romania by bike with a friend from Canada in april 2009 ( part 2)

After the hailstorm subsides, the clouds begin to dissipate slowly.

We have to climb another 10 km but with an easy incline till we reach Giuvala Pass(1290m). Then we go down quickly till Podu Dambovitei, a very nice touristic village where we find a traditional guest house and we stay to have a deliciuos lunch here. We enjoy a great trout with polenta and garlic sauce and we drink a tasty billberry brandy.

Here I make a new friend, a playful and cute dog which I play with a lot.

Then we enjoy a great day with plenty of majestic views. This is one of the most spectacular routes from our country. We stay over nigh in Mateias boarding house, not far from Campulung Muscel.
The next morning we visit a mausoleum that's only 200m away from the guest house. Bloody battles took place in this region in the 1st and 2nd world war. The mausoleum was built in the memory of the romanian soldiers and officers that laid down their lives in this region.

From here we have a nice bird's eye view over the Campulung Muscel, we are situated on the Mateias Hill.

After Campulung Muscel we have a strenuous route with 7 big hills to climb. It's one of the toughest routes from Romania. But the region is very green and scenic.

After Slanic village, we turn right to cycle another 5km on a unpaved road to reach Slanic Monastery where Razvan has to go to meet the abbot. On our way we run into a nice chapel.

We have to climb a lot and it's not easy especially for me for I'm also carrying a rucksack but we enjoy it so much.

The road is winding and the landscapes are so engaging, the spring is setting in, we are so happy.

When we get to the monastery we find out that the abbot is away, so we have a rest next to a lake.

Then we return to the main road and till Curtea de Arges we enjoy nice sceneries with gentle rolling hills and we have some tough climbs.

From Curtea de Arges we cycle another 20km till we find a nice camping place just outside the vilage of Burlusi and we decide to rent a small cabin and we spend the night here. They have here a restaurant and we eat well. We also meet a lovely dog and we spend a great evening.

The next morning we have a clear sky with lots of sunshine. The weather gets warmer and we are ready to climb the Comarnic hill that's ahead of us.

We have 2 more hills to climb till we get to Ramnicu Valcea, from here we choose a secondary road to avoid the busy traffic from the european road. In the distance we can see Cozia Mountains and we cycle next to mighty Olt River.

We have to cycle a few km. on the busy road but before taking this risk we make a halt to a restaurant where we have a tasty lunch and we help a poor gipsy girl with some money. She is so cute, the poor but pure girl!

From Brezoi we turn left heading for the Latoritei Mountains and we enjoy again cycling on a secondary road with light traffic. After about half an hour of cycling we stop a bit to admire a chapel.

Here we meet an old woman and Razvan is happy to have an interesting talk with her.

On our way to Voineasa resort we have a steady but easy climb of about 40km. The views are very nice and we cycle next to Lotru River.

We really like the recrudescent colour of the trees covering the rolling hills.

After Malaia township we get to a huge lake and we cycle a few km. next to this endless water surrounded by steep hills.