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duminică, 7 martie 2021

5- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (North Appenine Range)

In the evening I meet a nice girl with a lovely puppy and we have a good time and afterwards I will sleep near Case Grandi just at the southernmost point of Bologna.
Day 3) Bologna - Firenze I have a perfect day for cycling. It's a sunny day and I will cycle today in the North Appenine Range. The landscapes are quite pretty. I begin to climb.
I will have to cope with steep inclines.
I am cycling On SP65, strada del Marrone Biondo.
I am passing through traditional mountain villages where I come across interesting houses.
At Loiano I meet a splendid sculpture. Here I am lucky enough to get a donation from an old cyclist who was riding an expensive racer.
I cycle with him a few km and he is impressed by my courage and adventure. We enjoy fantastic vistas.
It seems in Italy the heroes are very appreciated. I encounter many monuments dedicated to their memory.
When I get to a statue of Holly Virgin, I stop and stand still thanking God for his generosity.
I carry on climbing and out of the blue I run into some pretty horses.
Soon I get to the top of the pass which is included in the BIG Challenge list. Hurrah!
On the descent I encounter plenty of flowers.
I simply love mother nature and I am fond of smelling flowers.
La Posta is the first locality from Toscana Region. I left Emilia-Romagna behind.
The cyclists, the champions, the sportsmen are quite appreciated in Tuscany.