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marți, 21 februarie 2012

Crossing Romania by bike with a friend from Canada in april 2009 ( part 4)

The Sebes River is ideal for fishing and is very rich in trout. This route is one of the most picturesque from our beautiful Romania.

Soon we get to Oasa lake, one of the best from our Carpathians.

We cycle a few kms. enjoying the view over the lake and the Parang Mountains. Then me make a halt to have something to eat at Oasa Chalet.

Cycling in such a lovely area is quite an enjoyable pastime. Peter's Peak (2130m) can be seen at the horizon.

All the day we have to go down next to the Sebes River passing through interesting villages and enjoying wonderful views. In the evening we get to Sebes, quite a nice town and then we go to Lancram where we pay our respects to the great poet and philosopher Lucian Blaga who is burried here in the village where he was born.
It's quite a solemn and emotional moment for me. Blaga is one of my favourite writers.

Then we sleep in a motel just before the entrance in the Municipality of Alba Iulia. The next day we have to cross the Western Carpathians which are not so high as the Middle Carpathians that we've already passed.
Cycling another 15kms. from Alba Iulia we get to the wooden gate of the Western Carpathians.

Soon we get to Ampoita village where we can see some spectacular limestones' formations on a hill.

The scenery is very green and brightful and the traffic is so light.

Till Zlatna we have a steady and easy climb, then not far from Abrud we have a few kms. of tough climb with hairpins. We climb Bucium Pass (915m).

From the pass we have another 10km of descent with severe gradient till we reach the beautiful and historical town of Abrud.

From here we follow a scenic route passing through traditional villages and enjoying great views.

This lovely area is full of rolling hills and the colours of the spring are really vivid and enticing.

We have to climb another pass but this one is very easy and we are rewarded with the magnificent vistas. The villages seem to be scattered all over the hills.

Soon we get to Vulcan Pass(725m) and here we find a chalet where we eat some delicious traditional sausages.

Right in the vicinity there is a huge hill(1124m) and this is a great place for climbers and paragliders.

We decide to spend the night here, so we pitch the tent next to the chalet on a lawn and we have fun drinking beers and chatting about our adventures.

The next day we enjoy a fast descent of about 8km long with plenty of hairpins. Then near Mihaileni village we struggle against the toughest climb from all our tour.

The gradient reaches 20%. we are lucky that the climb is only 500m long. I am very happy to vanquish it.

On our way before entering Criscior we run into a flock of sheep.

Then from Brad we have to take a train till my place for tomorrow we are going to set out on a new bike trip in the Western Carpathians.

This was a glorius bike trip and I thank my friend Razvan from the bottom of my heart. Dear Razvan I'm looking forward to you returnig to Romania to have a new bike tour together.

Best rergards,
your true friend Claudiu

Jacques Brel - Dedicatie pt. domnul Moldovean, patronul Motelului Pajura din Oravita