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luni, 12 decembrie 2011

Malina Olinescu - Eu cred - Romania Eurovision 1998 (Nu te vom uita niciodata inger pur! Dumnezeu sa te ierte!)

2 - Cycling trip in the Western Carpathians with Tom and Jodie (amaizing globe-trotters) - june 2010 -part 2

Then we had a great descent and it was rather dark when we got to the first township where we stopped for a dinner and for something to drink. Then we cycled another 15km till the spot I recommended them for free camping.
Next morning we started cycling at 10 AM because they overslept a bit. The day was quite perfect for travelling.

In the next village at Baita I had to stop for something to eat at a restaurant.

Unfortunatelly their buget was too low and they couldn't afford restaurants so they had to wait for me. Here we saw an interesting dog.

Next to the restaurant was a traditional wooden cart.

Nearby in a garden some people were toiling.

After eating a sour soup and drinking a beer we were ready to go. Here starts a tough climb. We have to climb 14km of hairpins up to 12%, but the road is smooth.
It's the strongest climb from the english couple's cycling career so far but they have to train a bit for the Himalaya.
After 2 hours of climbing we reach the top and we enjoy great landscapes.

We climbed Vartop pass(1160m) from the Bihor Mountains. In England they have no mountains like this and no passes like this. They are happy but exhausted.

Right at Vartop pass there is a ski resort in the making. We just stop for a picture.

Then we freewheel through a lovely coniferous forest till we reach Arieseni, a very nice traditional township where tourism is beginning to develop.

We are cycling now on the Aries Valley, a real natural beauty.

We are very happy, especially me. I've been cycling in this region for 10 years. Every year I return here.

At Garda de jos we gaze at a wonderful wooden church that dates back to XVIIIth century.

In the same village we have to stop, they have a lunch and I have some beers talking to some locals.

The more we cycle the lovelier the views become. We see plenty of barren cliffs next to the road. We entered the Albac' gorges.

Jodie is always smiling happily. She is in the journey of her life.

Me too, I'm feeling in high spirits. I'm always impressed with the beauty of this route.

At Scarisoara village we stop again to admire a bit the scenic landscapes.

The inhabitants here are quite religious and they built many wooden crosses.

At the heart of "Tara Motilor" (The Highlanders' Country)it's time to say goodbye to each other for my budget doesn't allow me to carry on.

We are in the small town of Campeni. I wish them a safe journey and I hope I'll see them again. It has been so nice meeting them and cycling with them.

I return home and they keep on cycling following my advice. They climb the Transfagarasan where Tom gets sick.

Finally they get to Bucharest in due time where a TV report is made about their journey. They become stars for a day.

One year later they were in New Zeeland after having travelled almost 30 000km visiting 29 countries from 3 continents.
Dear Tom and Jodie! You are amaizing! Congratulations! One day I'll get to you by bicycle!
God bless you!
Best regards,

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