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duminică, 23 mai 2021

20- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (SS1, Via Aurelia)

Day 17) Vado Ligure - Imperia - Ventimiglia The next day I get to Noli where Cristoforo Colombo was born.
It is such an interesting tiny town with great churches.
Its exquisite medieval atmosphere can be found everywhere.
I carry on riding on Via Aurelia! Such a fantastic and dangerous road!
This road is so alluring!
Out of the blue I notice a fantastic steep climb that I will conquer on my modest bicycle.
The flora is impressive!
I can also see plenty of birds.
Soon I cycle on another fascinating path!
I encounter a quaint locomotive.
I pass by San Remo Casino!
Ligurian Sea looks awesome!
I can admire so lovely villages.
The birds I see fill me with joy.
I will sleep on the beach at Ventimiglia.
Day 18) Ventimiglia - Nisa - French Alps Today I get to Monte Carlo! What a dream come true!
I am finally cycling on the french riviera.
Soon I get to Nice! What a joy!
The touristic infrastructure is stunning!
I discover some glamourous hotels!
Now it is time for fiesta! Vive la France!

19- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (Genova, Savona)

Day 16) Recco - GENOVA - Savona - Vado Ligure Today it is time for me to visit Genova, such a big harbour with great buildings.
I usually do not like big cities but here I have lots of interesting places and buildings to see.
The city center is pretty grand.
I can admire lofty churches, too.
The capital of Liguria looks fantastic indeed!
I also run into an ancient vessel.
I continue my journey on SS1.
All of a sudden I can see a highway above me, it is E80.
Soon I get the chance to cycle on a perfect cycling path.
The views are spectacular.
Soon I get to Savona where I can see a huge ship.
This is an old medieval town with fascinating architecture.
I come across two medieval towers.
Again I can admire marcelous bas-reliefs.
Many lavish palaces are to be found in this town.
I come across imposing churches.
I visit one of them.
I also pay a visit to a museum.
The night I will spend on a beach in Vado Ligure, in my sleeping bag. An homeless guy drops by and give me some food. I could enjoy a fantastic sunset.