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duminică, 26 octombrie 2014


Very late I start cycling and I will pitch my tent in Kiskunzagi Nemzeti Park near a forest.
Not far from here I get to the Danube River.
I get hungry and I eat something traditional in the shade of a tree.
My next sleeping place will be in a grove next to Igar where I found a great restaurant that fully satisfied my appetite.
Soon I get to Balaton Lake which is a wonder and a touristic blessing of Central Europe. Here it`s time for me to enjoy life.
Near Balatonszemes I will visit the place where last year I felt so well with Gyula Molanar and his friends. Here I meet an old and experienced cycling traveler from Ukraine.
It`s here that I will spend the rest of the day eating well, drinking beer and swimming in the lake.
I can see lots of swans here.
This majestic bird is quite awesome, I admire it a lot.
I will spend the night here in this magnificent place.
The next day I get to Fonyod.
Here I can see many interesting boats.
This tiny touristic town boasts a great promontory.
Here I come across Adam and Eve.
I am lucky to catch glimpse of a family of swans with its nestlings.
A little bit farther a small girl is feeding the swans.
I also can admire some graceful flowers.
I get hungry and I enjoy a tasty guyas soup.
I keep on cycling, I say good bye to Balaton and at Zalaapati I meet some guys that remembered me from last year. Here I order a pizza.
I continue cycling and I will pitch my tent in a wild area near Nova village on a sunflowers` field. During the night a wild beast was prowling around my tent howling fiercely. I was so terrified but I survived.
In incheierea acestui episod vreau sa multumesc din suflet tuturor prietenilor sustinatori care m-au ajutat financiar sau material pt. realizarea expeditiei BIKE EUROPA 2014. Aici este lista prietenilor sustinatori care m-au ajutat. Multumesc din suflet lui: Tiberiu si Carmen Muntean - Munchen, Horia Cardos - Timisoara, Razvan Anton - Ottawa, Flavius Nicola - Arad, Marius Cruceru - Oradea, Zoltan si Adina Marton - Bucuresti, George Marcu - Bucuresti, Camelia Balutescu - Timisoara, Bogdan Cristea - Londra, Attila Szodrai - Oradea, Timotei Rad - Cluj Napoca, Mariea Crasmaru - Laslea, Emanuel Dobre - Ineu, Radu Lasc - Ineu, Morar Victor - Ineu, Havasi Sergiu Celin - Ineu. Multumesc de asemenea domnilor din conducerea Consiliului Judetean Arad si domnilor consilieri judeteni care au aprobat proiectul meu cicloturistic si doamnelor de la Centrul Cultural Judetean Arad. Multumesc mult si lui Rogoz Stefan, administratorul clubului RACING BIKE PRO ARAD si lui Torok Laci, fara ajutorul carora nu puteam accesa banii de la CJA! Dumnezeu sa va binecuvanteze pe voi si familile voastre si sa va dea doar bine! Nu in ultimul rand multumesc si colegilor Florin si Giani, cu care am pedalat destul de mult pe batranul continent! Traiasca cicloturismul si prietenia! Cu respect, Claudiu