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joi, 29 decembrie 2011

Romania te iubesc! -clip 21 - Descult prin turul Banatului in Podisul Lipovei

Romania te iubesc -clip 20 - Melci habotnici langa Geogiu

Romania te iubesc -clip 19 - Vizita la Manastirea Lupsa (de pe Valea Ariesului)

Romania te iubesc! -clip 18 - acasa la Torok Janos (Joe Indianul)

Romania te iubesc -clip 17 - O batranica la sapa in Marginimea Sibiului

Romania te iubesc! -clip 16 - Incoltit de dulai in Mt. Aninei

Romania te iubesc -clip 15 - Ruinele termelor romane de la Germisara (Geoagiu Bai)

Romania te iubesc -clip 14 - Fetita in lupta cu catelul din Romanesti (aprilie 2006)

miercuri, 28 decembrie 2011

Romania te iubesc -clip 13 - cetatea Aiudului, sec.XV, judetul Alba

Romania te iubesc -clip 12 - Cetatea Colti, jud. Hunedoara

Romania te iubesc -clip 11 - Cetatea din Slimnic, sec XV, jud. Sibiu

Romania te iubesc -clip 10 - ciocnesc ou cu bitza mea, urcand pasul Vartop(1160m)

Romania te iubesc -clip 9 - Crisul Stancos, Muntii Bihorului

Romania te iubesc -clip 8 - cruce staveche langa Doclin, Banat

Romania te iubesc -clip 7 - Crucea lui Noica de la Paltinis

Romania te iubesc -clip 6 - drum invadat de parau in MT.Poiana Rusca , jud. Caras-severin

Romania te iubesc! -clip 5 (bivoli la scalda in Codru Moma, comuna Avram Iancu -judetul Arad)

Romania te iubesc! - clip 4 ( cazatura in MT. Codru Moma jud Bihor) - aprilie 2006

marți, 20 decembrie 2011

Bike trip in the wonderful Western Charpatians with my friend Razvan Anton from Canada (april 2009)

We set out on a lovely adventure on two wheels in the gorgeous Western Charpatians. In this tour I was lucky enough to cycle with Razvan Anton, a good friend of mine from Canada. He travelled by plane till Bucharest, especially to cycle with me in Romania. We cycled together from Bucharest till Ineu where I live in 11 days and then we embarked upon another trip in the Western Charpatians.
We started our trip at Ineu. At Bocsig we turned left on a secondary road with little traffic. In the first part of the journey the itinerary was just fine, a bit hilly with many short and moderate slopes.
After cycling 40 km we had our first break near Olcea village at a restaurant where we had a tasty lunch.
God bless our friendship and our fancy for cycling tourism!

I was so happy to cycle with a good friend on a road with almost no cars.

From Belfir we turned right heading for the Codru Moma Mountains. On our way we ran into a few carts drawn by horses.

We were cycling in the Bihor district that has lovely vilagges with wonderful churches. We liked a lot the church from Soimi' township.

Soon we were cycling on the Black Crisius Valley and we entered Borz which is a very picturesque village.

Here we stopped to gaze at some goats near some puddles.

Then we cycled near the river on a freshly modernized road.

We set up our tents on a meadow near the river not far from a village. The next morning some cows invaded our space.

From Beius we entered on a new road and we passed through traditional villages. After Rosia village we had o long climb and the asphalt turned into gravel. We cycled through Albioarei Gorges.

After the climb the asphalt turned up again and we were cycling on a tableland in the Padurea Craiului (King's Forest) Mountain.

Soon we entered Damis village where we saw many fruit trees in bloom.

We were crossing Padurea Craiului Mountains. Razvan was cycling for the first time in this region and was very excited.

Then we had a few kilometers of flat terrain and then a long descent in hairpins till Bratca and there after eating in a restaurant we put up out tents in the area.
The next day we had to cycle a bit on a busy road and we had a tough climb of 5km. Then we stayed there and enjoyed a good meal at a tourism complex.
In a few hours we met some cycling friends from Cluj Napoca and we were cycling together on a spectacular route towards Stana de Vale, a well-known ski resort from Bihorului Mountains.

In Remeti village we saw a tiny lake full of fishes.

Here we stopped a bit and we took some pictures.

This village was very traditional and we came across o herd of goats.

We were cycling on the Iada Valley, a very scenic route.

Soon we got to Lesu lake.

A few kilometers we cycled next to this interesting storage lake.

Soon the landscape became wilder and we entered the coniferous tree' forest.

We had a long and steady climb and we met a few waterfalls.

After a few hours of deligthful cycling we finally got to our camping place in the wilderness where we felt very well and we trew a small party. Here I was glad to meet a good friend of mine, Rick who is the best cycling tourist from his town, Buzias. We had quite a good time together.

In the evening, me, Razvan and Rick, we went to a restaurant and we had quite a feast and Rick was very generous and payed the expensive bill. We felt so good that evening. Then we returned to our friends that were having fun around a bonefire.
The next morning we had to separate. We had to go in different directions.

Me and Razvan, we had a 15km long tough descent till Budureasa village and soon we took leave of the mountains.

In Beius we stopped to have a pizza and then we had to cycle another 100km till home.

marți, 13 decembrie 2011

Tour of the Banat Region with my friend Cosmin Rotar(april 2006)

In april 2006 I had a very nice tour of the Banat Region together with Cosmin who is a good friend of mine.
I am from Ineu and he is from Sibiu so we decided to meet at Slatina-Timis at the very bottom of the Semenic Mountains.
I cycled 250km in 2 days crossing the Western Plain till I got to the meeting place.
We were glad to be again on a bike tour together so we decided to celebrate a bit, we bought the necessary provisions and drinks and after climbing a bit on the Slatina Valley we found a generous camping place where we decided to spend our night.
Here we enjoyed a great time sharing memories and adventures, drinking beers and warming ourselves with a magnificent bonefire.
We went to sleep in our tents quite late and we got up rather early next morning.
Here we were ready for a great bike tour in a wonderful region of Romania.

After a few kilometers of climbing I warmed up a lot and I put on some summer clothes. Soon we were lucky to find a spring for we had run out of water and we were very thirsty after so many beers last night.

We climbed a lot and the road was unasphalted with many hairpins. In about an hour we got to a spectacular scenery. Many trees were in bloom, the forest was so green and nice rolling mountains were looming in the distance.

Soon we got to top of the pass and the views with the Semenic Mountains were so generous. The temperature rose and it was a great weather for cycling.

Then we had a small descent till Brebu Nou and then the road was a false flat till a storage lake.

Here we made a halt to rest a bit and enjoy the views.

In the vicinity we could find a holiday complex where we could have lunch. Then we faced a steady climb. En route we came across an international wood carving' complex where we could behold a nicely carved horse reminding us of the Trojan's one.

Soon we got to the pass that is 1000m high and then we had a speedy descent of a few kilometers and before entering Valiug township we turned left, cycling next to Gozna lake and then following some forestry roads through a very scenic and wild scenary till we reached the small town of Anina. From here we followed the Minis River and we had a steady and easy descent, entering a spectacular National Park.

Soon we were cycling in the dark and out of the blue we got to a cave and I couldn't help exploring it a bit. But it was an ordinary one.

Within a few minutes we found a good place to put up our tents and after we ate we went to sleep this time without no fire for it's forbidden in this area.
Next morning we started cycling quite early and it was rather chilly so I had to put on my cap.

The landscapes were very lovely indeed.

We were soon cycling in the Minis Gorges. Rugged cliffs overlooking the sparkling Minis River and sometimes the fragrance of the lilac's flowers was very intense.

Soon we got to a touristic spot where we stopped to visit a famous karstic intermittent spring. To get there we had to cross a wooden bridge over the Minis River.

Here we could gaze at a scenic waterfall.

On our way to the spring we followed a footpath in a very wild scenery. In a few moments we ran into another waterfall.

After visiting the interesting intermittent spring we kept on cycling till Bozovici, and it is here that we followed a secondary road with very few traffic. After 15 kilometers at Barz village we turned left on a forestry road and we started climbing Locvei Mountains following a small stream.
This route offered us amaizingly unspoiled and pristine nature. We were soon in a very good mood to cycle in such a paradise.

After 10 kilometers of steady climb we got on top of the pass at Ravensca village where there are many inhabitants of Czech origin. Here we could visit their lovely church.

From here we had to go down about 15km on a bumpy road till we got to The Danube River. After Berzasca the night overtook us but before this we enjoyed a spectacular sunset.

I was pretty inspired and seized the oportunity to have a magnificent picture with me, the Danube and the mighty dusk.

Then we stopped at a pub to have something to eat and to drink and here I struck up a frienship with a black cat.

Later on we pitched our tents on a meadow not far from here. Next day we enjoyed cycling on a very spectacular route next to the river. The Danube Defile is the longest in Europe and is one of the best places for cycling tourism.
We had such an enchanting day packed with atmospheric vistas.

As it is quite a warm day even if we are in the last days of April, all of a sudden at a certain moment I make up my mind to start my aestival season. And here I am jumping into the river. Oh, Gosh, how cold it is!

Then I have to increase the speed to warm up again.

After we pass Dubova village we get to the biggest statue of Europe wich is situated in Mraconia Bay. The statue is 55meters high and epitomizes the head of Decebalus, the illustrious king of our ancestors, the dacians.

Here starts a short section where the Danube is very narrow and on the opposite side there is "Tabula Traiana", the ancient road of the romans specially designed for their invasion in Dacia Felix.

From Orsova we went to Herculane Spa where we had a bath in the thermal waters then we followed the Cerna Valley cycling in a very delightful environment. We could admire plenty of white rocks endowed with black pines.

We had a long and steady climb and after Cerna village we encountered Corcoaia Gorges wich are quite spectacular.

Then we climbed again till the night overtook us in the wilderness and we set uo our tents in the pass at about 1330m high.

The next day we had a very long descent till Petrosani. From here we made for Hateg where we had to separate, Cosmin directing his steps towards Sibiu and me having to cycle another 190km till home.
We saluted once again the Retezat Mountains and off we went.

Such a lovely tour we had!