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miercuri, 18 februarie 2009

Le premier pas! - Dedicatie pt. singura si unica iubire a vietii mele care ma asteapta undeva!

Cyclotourism - a real delight

The most important thing in life is to take up something that you really enjoy and to carry on doing it and improving it all your life for the benefit of you and for the benefit of the mankind. This way you will have a strong purpose in your life and you’ll have what to fight for and what to live for. And one day you will reach a blissful state, a feeling of inner felicity and divine grace and you will be happy for evermore.
If you want to enjoy life and to feel free as bird, if you want to live a healthy life, being in harmony with yourself, nature, the human beings and God; than I suggest you take up cyclotourism. You will see your life will improve, you will taste the real freedom and you will better understand the wonderful world we are living in.
We have but one life, and rather than hurry up to make money and to get earthly goods, we’d better take care a bit of our souls for the real blessing the most important things in this world can’t be seen; they are invisible and spiritual. So in order to become enlightened and to live a pure life, full of heavenly joys, you have to strive hard to acquire a lot of knowledge and to develop your spiritual life.
Cyclotourism can help you a lot to discover the fabulous world of the creation divine and can open your mind to know yourself better. For if you want happiness, you have to know yourself first. One of the best ways to know and to improve yourself , is by choosing a challenge, a task or a hobby that can last all your life long and can fill you with unbounded delight and joy. Cyclotourism can definitely enable you to have access to an unbelievable space of adventure, thrill and fun.
If you want to have an eventful life, full of adrenalin and to experience the real adventure, to live like the heroes from the novels and movies and to discover great places, you must start traveling by bike. The satisfaction of reaching a certain pass on your own and the delight of descending at high speed are huge.
If you are afraid to start riding a bicycle because you are not fit and you are afraid that it is too hard than I have to tell you that: No pain, no gain. It will be a bit difficult for you the first days but soon you will feel all right on your saddle and then the fun will begin. Just try it for you won’t regret it. It’s worth the pain!
So what are you waiting for, forget your car, buy a bike (I strongly recommend you a Kona, which is just great), equip it properly, choose a route, have a holiday and get ready for a new, more spectacular life, and you will feel unbelievably good, I can assure you!
Good luck and bon voyage on two wheels!
Long live cyclotourism!
Best regards,
Pantani Carpaticus

CV Pantani Carpaticus -in english

My name is Claudiu Moga. I am from Ineu, the county of Arad and I am 30 years old. I works as a translator, 1 year ago, I set up an translation office at home, for english and french. Before I was a teacher of english in the rural area of the county of Arad.
The passion of my life is cyclotourism that gradually turned into a “ modus vivendi “. In this field I managed to reach great performances and good results. I will describe a bit my evolution in this field:
In ’98 I had my first mountainbike and I started touring in the county of Arad. I mention that before I had already practiced 5 years of athletics and table- tennis.
In ’99 I managed to cycle in 8 counties. I was a student at Sibiu at “ Lucian Blaga “ University, at moderned applied languages and I started to ride my bike, between Ineu and Sibiu, almost every month. In 2000 I made a steady progress, cycling in 19 counties. In that year I made my first 2 tours over 1000 km each and in that year I managed to ride my bike the Transfagaras road ( the highest modernized, alpine road in Romania, that is over 2000 m high ). In the same year, during a cyclotouristical expedition of over 1500 km long, that took place in Romania, together with a few Romanian and foreign cyclotourists, on a climb going out of the municipality of Lugoj towards the town of Faget,in the Banat region, because of my ability to climb the hill first, I received the nickname: Pantani from the Charpatians ( Charpatycus ), from a Romanian downhill champion Gratian Dinu Bolog, from Timisoara. I could not even dream , at that time that after a few years I would become the Romanian with the most climbs by bike from The Charpatians and from The Alps and that the destiny would turn me into a cyclorepresentative of my country in this world. An essential year, indeed.
In 2001 I cycled in 15 counties, in 2002 in 14 counties and it was only in 2003 that I, finally, succeeded in touring all Romania by bike and fulfilling my ardent dream. In that year I cycled in 28 counties. In 2004, I toured Romania again, beating my own record, by cycling 2900 km in a single tour with 20 passes in The Charpatians; the Cycloclimber that was lying inside of me, began to emerge. In that year I cycled in 22 counties. In 2005, I toured Romania, again, cycling in 25 counties.
The following year was a crucial one, managing to beat all my previous records, succeeding to cycle about 8000 km in 7 consecutive tours in Romania, during all the summer and during the winter of 2006 – 2007, I cycled 3060 km in the county of Arad, my personal winter record. So I became an extreme cyclist.
I mention that during my first 8 years of cyclotourism, I went on my biketrips, spending only his own money, without any sponsors, being financially supported, in a modest but at a steady rate by my beloved parents, Mariana and Dan Moga, 2 hearty intellectuals, that eventually understood his passion. I want to thank them dearly for their prolonged effort.
2007, the year when Romania joined the European Union, coincided with the year of my recognition, after I returned from a 4500 km long European biketour that I made in 6 EU countries such as: Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and France. I managed to do this tour only in 47 days, having no day off, and following a very intricate and difficult itinerary through The Alps, where I conquered 42 passes, among which some of the highest from the entire Europe, such as: Iseran ( 2770 m ), Nivolet ( 2612 m ), Sella ( 2240 m ), Pordoi (2239 m), Petit Saint Bernard ( 2188 m), and so on. In that year I, finally, appeared in Tv reports and at news broadcast by Info Tv Arad and Realitatea Tv. In the same year I also became the first romanian member at a prestigious international cycloclimbing club, called B.I.G Challenge with its head office in Belgium. At this club, I have the best cycloclimbing results from all the 32 romanian members, that subscribed to this club due to my acrimonious effort to develop the cyclotourism and cycloclimbing in Romania. Shortly I became member in the promotion committee of this club with great results.
At the beginning of 2008, I became the only one romanian member to another international cycloclimbing club, called Unione Internationale dei Cicloscalatori ( UIC ), where I have the honour to be a colleague of the famous professional cyclists: Gilberto Simoni, Aldo Moser, Claudio Chiappucci and of the best italian cycloclimbers from all times. I also appeared on a live broadcast at Info Tv Arad in January and in a report at the weekly newspaper Banateanul. Besides, I am the first romanian whose article about his eventful and adventurous european biketour appeared in the yearly review of the B.I.G club. In 2008 I had 4 bike tours in Europe, 2 of them being of 3000km each, managing to cycle in 5 countries: Romania, which I toured for the 5th time, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Greece. So it was quite a good year. In autumn I appear in an article about my hobby in the National Journal, the best newspaper of Romania.
I already own some international certificates of cycloclimbing and I am appreciated by european specialists in this field.
I finds himself in the situation to represent Romania in the field of cycloclimbing and I am willing to do my best and to strive painstakinly in order to get to the top of the european hierarchy in this field.
For this sportive and cultural approach, and in order to properly represent Romania abroad, I need financial support.
For this year 2009, I have a very ambitious goal: I want to cycle in at least 15 countries in Europe more than 10 000km in a few biketours. This tours will include some of the highest passes in the Alps. I am determined to set a balkanic and a national record in the field of cycloclimbing. I have trained ardently and continuously for 10 years for this desideratum, whose achievement will depend upon the budget I will hopefully get.
I must admit that I speak fluently: English, French and Italian. I am very fond of nature, art and culture. I am cultivated and I owns a great collection of movies, photos and diaries from my own travels.
If you want to see them please press on the google:
You tube – Claudiu Moga
Claudiumoga’s photostream
Claudiumoga’s photos on webshots
Besides, I am an adamant militant for noble purposes such as: the decrease of the pollution by using unpolluting means of transportation, the drawing of the youngsters to practice some sports, the improvement and the promotion of the Romania’s image in the world, so on.
If there is anybody who wants to help me financially, please send me the money to my bank account on my name MOGA CLAUDIU DAN,
Account lei: RO23BTRL00201201J62151XX
Account $: RO47BTRL00202201J62151XX
Acount €: RO95BTRL00201201J62151XX
I will undertake to represent and to promote his sponsors throughout Europe.
I want to thank in advance all my potential sponsors ! God bless Romania and Europe!

Best regards,
Claudiu Moga