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vineri, 13 ianuarie 2012

The Paschal Tour 2010 - part 4 (The wonderful county of Hunedoara)

We reached an elevetion of about 700m high, all around us we can see but rolling hills.

In the distance we can percieve the mighty Retezat mountains.

After a steep and speedy descent we enter the picturesque small town of Hateg.

Only a few kilometers from here, in the next village we meet a very special church dating back to XIII-th century.

The traffic is light and we can admire the snow-capped mountains.

Soon the night overtakes us and we carry on cycling looking for a guesthouse. It is rather chilly, the temperature drops dramatically.

We finally get to Bolestilor Inn, one of the famous guesthouses from the region and after a plentyful feast we rent a room. It's saturday night and it's the Paschal Night. We feel very good. After a lovely evening it's time to go to sleep. Good night kiddo!

The next day we have to climb the Merisor Pass(758m). Crossing a bridge we see Crivadia's Gorges on the left.

This area looks rather desolate and the cold is quite persistent.

Soon we get to the Merisor Pass.

Then we have a nice descent.

We pick up some speed on the hairpins we have to go down.

In the municipality of Petrosani we come across an old plane.

Then we enter Jiu's Defile National Park.

After a few kilometers we also enter the county of Gorj.

The landscapes are quite impressive.

We cycle next to Jiu River who forms some spectacular gorges.

The nature seems dead because of the bare trees and there are some potholes in the road.

Soon it's time for us to have a picture together.

Even if is pretty cold we still enjoy cycling on this touristic road.

Alisa Toma - dedicatie speciala pt. prietenul meu Martin, sensibilul doctor de biciclete din Deva