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duminică, 21 decembrie 2014

Bike trip in the Western Carpathians with my friend Marius Reghis - part 2

This is not an easy footpath.
The gorges are spectacular.
Soon we get to an interesting waterfall.
We meet plenty of tourists.
After this magnificent section we have to climb again. We see huge rocks.
We follow the yellow markings.
In this region one can come across many caves.
Some sections are very steep indeed.
We also meet an karstic intermittent spring.
The last km. we strive hard in a heavy rain, but we get safe and sound to the chalet where we will spend a great night and we will sleep in the attic. Alex, the owner`s son was kind enough to let us sleep in the attic of his chalet. The next day it`s time to cycle again. We have to climb about 10km till Padis` resort.
Marius is a great rider.
We have asphalt till the top of the pass.
The weather is rather cloudy.
The road is in bad condition on the descent.
The landscapes are wild and scenic.
We cycle next to a sparkling stream.
Soon, we will have to climb again.
Soon the road disappears.
On our way to Calineasa we go to a sheepfold to ask the correct way to Calineasa` village. There we are attacked by 2 huge dogs and we are lucky the shepherd turned up and saved us. We are cycling in the middle of the nowhere on top of the mountains.
But after a few hours of wandering about, we reach Calineasa where I am so tired because last night I slept only 3 hours that I almost collapse. Marius is kind enough to wait for me 1 hour and a half, time that we spent in a room of a kind-hearted villager that took pity on me and gave me a room to rest for a while to overcome my fatigue. Then we carry on cycling, the weather is overcast and we have a descent towards Poiana Horea.
For this wonderful trip I thank very much my good friend Marius and I am grateful to him for inviting me to this beautiful and unexpected cycling holiday!