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joi, 1 martie 2012

Bike trip in Hungary with my friend Marius Reghis ( august 2009) - part 6 - The magic Balaton and a splendid palace

The bathing conditions here on Balaton's shore are quite high. The water is excellent for swimming.

We continue our journey and we get to Siofok's endless green beach.

Here we find a great bustle of people. We are on the Hungary's Riviera.

Here it's time for us to stay more and to seize the moment.

The infrastructure is complete, we have everything we want. First we choose a delicious "langoush" washed down with a good Borsodi beer.

Then we take a dip again. Wow! This place is overcrowde!

I've never seen so many people in a single place not even on the Italian Riviera.

Then we visit Siofok and it's time for us to have a photo with a famous hungarian character.

I forgot his name but I saw that plenty of tourists were having this classic photo.

Than we go to enjoy a pint of beer outside a pub. We see lots of cyclists in this civilized town. We are in Siofok, the greatest and the largest spa-town in Hungary.

We spend a gorgeous day in this spa. The next day it's time to go. We choose an interesting route.
In Enying we see an interesting church.

Then our next stop is in Deg where ve visit a grand palace.

This large mansion is situated in a large and lush park.

We have a lot of things to visit here. It's quite an impressive touristic attraction.

To my sheer joy, we come across a plenty of flowers, too.

It seems this palace was inhabited by an important aristocratic family.

Then we get hungry, we stop at a restaurant and we enjoy a great guyas soup.

This is our favourite food in Hungary and we also like a lot the Borsodi beer.

We continue our trip, we have to face a strong headwind. The night overtakes us and at about midnight we find ourselves roaming about the streets of Dunafoldvar. We find no guesthouse and very tired we hardly manage to put up our tent near Danube in forest. The mosquitoes attack us but we sleep well.

The next day we are annoyed by the busy traffic.

And so we decide to shorten our trip and from Kecskemet, we travel the last 200km in Marius'brother-in-law's car.

I thank my friend Marius Reghis for this wonderful bike trip and I'm looking forward to our next adventure on two wheels!

PUSCA SI CUREAUA LATA - Dedicatie speciala celui mai vechi prieten al meu - MARIUS REGHIS

Bike trip in Hungary with my friend Marius Reghis ( august 2009) - part 5 - The fabulous Balaton - the hungarian big touristic magnet

Soon we finally reach Balaton and we start feeling good in Baloton-kenese spa first.

The lake seems endless and I can't wait to take a dip in it.

After an enjoyable day and evening we end up sleeping in a camping site.

We start the next morning admiring the neighbourhoods from this site.

Then we go for a swim, the weather is just great.

Then we go to a restaurant to have a decent breakfest.

Soon we will experience the famous "Balatoni Korut" - one of the best bike ways from the Central Europe - very popular with cyclists.

We feel so good cycling in such good conditions in such a lovely environment with no traffic.

In no time we get to a great bird's eye view over the lake.

This is paradise on earth for cyclists. Long live the Balaton lake! We feel so good.

We soon gets to a bas-relief depicting a former hungarian king. I like the quotation very much "Pro patria et libertate"

We are in Balatonvilagos, a quiet village full of holiday cottages.

Here we find a perfect field just suitable for many sports and we have a short rest at an interesting stone table.

We also find here a magnificent crown on the top of a pillar.

In the vicinity we find a great place from where we can feast our eyes on the immensity of this blessed lake, the most touristy one from all Europe.

We see here a traditional wooden gate.

From here we can notice some white boats with sails floating on the lake.

In such a lovely place we are tho happy cyclists. What could we wish for more?

On our way to Sasto we have a short steep slope with the gradient of 10%. It's time for a bit of rush.

Soon we get to a new beach where we take another dip in Balaton.

I want to ride my bicycle! - Traiasca noua primavara si noul sezon de biciclit!