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marți, 16 martie 2021

8- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (Pisa)

Day 5) Pisa - Marina di Pisa - San Piero a Grado Now it's time for me to discover Pisa, another marvel of Tuscany featuring the famous Leaning Tower.
I wander on the medieval streets.
In the town center I enjoy discovering very narrow and ancient streets.
I come across many small and vivid squares.
I simply adore roaming about the town center adorned with its medieval buildings.
Pisa has about 90 000 inhabitants and is crossed by Arno River.
I encounter many sumptuous palaces.
The historic center is fortified.
The Republic of Pisa (Italian: Repubblica di Pisa) was a de facto independent state centered on the Tuscan city of Pisa, which existed from the 11th to the 15th century. It rose to become an economic powerhouse, a commercial center whose merchants dominated Mediterranean and Italian trade for a century. before being surpassed and superseded by the Republic of Genoa. The republic’s participation in the Crusades secured valuable commercial positions for Pisan traders, thereafter the city grew in wealth and power. Pisa was a historical rival to Genoa at sea and to Florence and Lucca on land. The power of Pisa as a mighty maritime nation began to grow and reached its apex in the 11th century when it acquired traditional fame as one of the main historical Maritime Republics of Italy.
Many palaces are adorned with fine staties and bas-reliefs.
In the center I see very interesting cars but also plenty of bicyclists.
The historic center is full of tavernas and interesting statues.