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joi, 1 martie 2012

Bike trip in Hungary with my friend Marius Reghis ( august 2009) - part 5 - The fabulous Balaton - the hungarian big touristic magnet

Soon we finally reach Balaton and we start feeling good in Baloton-kenese spa first.

The lake seems endless and I can't wait to take a dip in it.

After an enjoyable day and evening we end up sleeping in a camping site.

We start the next morning admiring the neighbourhoods from this site.

Then we go for a swim, the weather is just great.

Then we go to a restaurant to have a decent breakfest.

Soon we will experience the famous "Balatoni Korut" - one of the best bike ways from the Central Europe - very popular with cyclists.

We feel so good cycling in such good conditions in such a lovely environment with no traffic.

In no time we get to a great bird's eye view over the lake.

This is paradise on earth for cyclists. Long live the Balaton lake! We feel so good.

We soon gets to a bas-relief depicting a former hungarian king. I like the quotation very much "Pro patria et libertate"

We are in Balatonvilagos, a quiet village full of holiday cottages.

Here we find a perfect field just suitable for many sports and we have a short rest at an interesting stone table.

We also find here a magnificent crown on the top of a pillar.

In the vicinity we find a great place from where we can feast our eyes on the immensity of this blessed lake, the most touristy one from all Europe.

We see here a traditional wooden gate.

From here we can notice some white boats with sails floating on the lake.

In such a lovely place we are tho happy cyclists. What could we wish for more?

On our way to Sasto we have a short steep slope with the gradient of 10%. It's time for a bit of rush.

Soon we get to a new beach where we take another dip in Balaton.

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