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marți, 20 decembrie 2011

Bike trip in the wonderful Western Charpatians with my friend Razvan Anton from Canada (april 2009)

We set out on a lovely adventure on two wheels in the gorgeous Western Charpatians. In this tour I was lucky enough to cycle with Razvan Anton, a good friend of mine from Canada. He travelled by plane till Bucharest, especially to cycle with me in Romania. We cycled together from Bucharest till Ineu where I live in 11 days and then we embarked upon another trip in the Western Charpatians.
We started our trip at Ineu. At Bocsig we turned left on a secondary road with little traffic. In the first part of the journey the itinerary was just fine, a bit hilly with many short and moderate slopes.
After cycling 40 km we had our first break near Olcea village at a restaurant where we had a tasty lunch.
God bless our friendship and our fancy for cycling tourism!

I was so happy to cycle with a good friend on a road with almost no cars.

From Belfir we turned right heading for the Codru Moma Mountains. On our way we ran into a few carts drawn by horses.

We were cycling in the Bihor district that has lovely vilagges with wonderful churches. We liked a lot the church from Soimi' township.

Soon we were cycling on the Black Crisius Valley and we entered Borz which is a very picturesque village.

Here we stopped to gaze at some goats near some puddles.

Then we cycled near the river on a freshly modernized road.

We set up our tents on a meadow near the river not far from a village. The next morning some cows invaded our space.

From Beius we entered on a new road and we passed through traditional villages. After Rosia village we had o long climb and the asphalt turned into gravel. We cycled through Albioarei Gorges.

After the climb the asphalt turned up again and we were cycling on a tableland in the Padurea Craiului (King's Forest) Mountain.

Soon we entered Damis village where we saw many fruit trees in bloom.

We were crossing Padurea Craiului Mountains. Razvan was cycling for the first time in this region and was very excited.

Then we had a few kilometers of flat terrain and then a long descent in hairpins till Bratca and there after eating in a restaurant we put up out tents in the area.
The next day we had to cycle a bit on a busy road and we had a tough climb of 5km. Then we stayed there and enjoyed a good meal at a tourism complex.
In a few hours we met some cycling friends from Cluj Napoca and we were cycling together on a spectacular route towards Stana de Vale, a well-known ski resort from Bihorului Mountains.

In Remeti village we saw a tiny lake full of fishes.

Here we stopped a bit and we took some pictures.

This village was very traditional and we came across o herd of goats.

We were cycling on the Iada Valley, a very scenic route.

Soon we got to Lesu lake.

A few kilometers we cycled next to this interesting storage lake.

Soon the landscape became wilder and we entered the coniferous tree' forest.

We had a long and steady climb and we met a few waterfalls.

After a few hours of deligthful cycling we finally got to our camping place in the wilderness where we felt very well and we trew a small party. Here I was glad to meet a good friend of mine, Rick who is the best cycling tourist from his town, Buzias. We had quite a good time together.

In the evening, me, Razvan and Rick, we went to a restaurant and we had quite a feast and Rick was very generous and payed the expensive bill. We felt so good that evening. Then we returned to our friends that were having fun around a bonefire.
The next morning we had to separate. We had to go in different directions.

Me and Razvan, we had a 15km long tough descent till Budureasa village and soon we took leave of the mountains.

In Beius we stopped to have a pizza and then we had to cycle another 100km till home.

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  1. I like you wrote in english. I have a great pleasure to read your story about your trips. I like english and I want you continue in this stile.

  2. I am glad you like my story. From now on I'll write more in english on my blog.

  3. Cascada e cea mai minunata aici! Iata ca se poate muri de sete chiar langa o apa de munte, dovada sunt acei brazi. Dar au murit in picioare, cu demnitate! Cu-i pasa?!

  4. I want to ask you something, when you travel all around Europe, do you can set up your tent wherever you want without problems?! If you want to sleep near the highway, do you can to put your tent close the street, a few meters distance?! Are you in safe?! I want to do a trip by foot (walking) through Europe, and I don't want to meet any animal (dogs or an bear).

  5. Usually I do set up my tent wherever I choose. In the last 15 years I spent more than 1000 nigths in the tent in the wilderness and I went through only 2 incidents: in 2006 at the Black Sea in Romania, a guy cut my tent when I was fast asleep ans stole my rucksack with all my stuff in it, and this year in October in a village in the county of Prahova in Romania, a guy cut my combination lock and stole my bike, while I was asleep in my tent.
    So you take some risks when wild camping but usually it's ok to do so.
    Dogs and bears usually don't attack tents.

  6. A hiking trip is different than an usually trip away, like City Break or another kind of trip. Normal people speak english in europeean countries?! How you can chat with them?! Are they friendly, or are cold?! Can you find help?! They help you?!
    What you need to do at border?! Must to find an office?! Is it something formal or is more than?!

  7. In the western countries the people are likely to speak english or french. I speak english, french, italian and a bit of spanish. So I get along just fine. In eastern countries especially in slavic ones, sometimes the people don't speak english.
    The people are usually friendly all over Europe.
    I found plenty of help throughout Europe but I was robbed several times in Romania and only once in France.
    In EU you need only an Identity Card and in the rest of the countries you need a passport. Sometimes it is just formal but in most EU' contries, custom houses have disappeared.

  8. ''Sometimes it is just formal but in most EU' contries, custom houses have disappeared.''

    Some countries from UE are in Schengen Space, to understand that between this countries don't exist offices at borders?! If you are from a country non-Schengen member, can you travel between countries who are member Schengen without to be checked?! Can you enter in a country Schengen member through any way, any road?! Do you tried this?!

  9. For the UE countries included in Shengen Space there are no more offices at borders.
    Yes, even if you are from a country non-Schengen member, you can travel between countries which are Schengen members without being checked. But sometimes you may be checked.
    But you must always have your Identity Card on you, for you never know when you will have to show it to the authorities.
    Yes, you can enter a Schengen country member which way you want. It happened to me a few times, I had no problems.