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duminică, 28 februarie 2021

1- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011

Protagonist - Claudiu Moga, 32 years old cycling freak in love with nature and arts
Means of transportation - the old and genuine Magdalena, the bicycle who enjoyed Italy and France, thy mighty Alps!
After so many years of tribulations God took pity on me and send me a friend who offered me a tour till my beloved Italy, the best country from the entire world. It's 20th of May, here I am in Porto Garibaldi near Comacchio, with tears rolling down my face I bid farewell to my friends and benefactors and receiving 20EUR, an old bicycle and some gear but no tent, I start my journey westward, aiming to get to Ferrara first. A huge adventure is in store for me. Will I fulfill my dreams of touring the marvelous Italy, the gem of Europe or will I pass away in a stupid accident or die of hunger? God will show my way and protect me from the evil. I started cycling on SP1, a secondary road, my destination for the 1st day being Ferrara. First I crossed a plain region with plenty of cultivated fields. Near Ostellato I made my first break in order to visit an ancient sanctuario, as italians say.
It looked so tiny and misterious.
Next to it in the garden i saw plenty of old farming tools or I don't know how to call them.
Upon the church's wall I could admire a small bas-relief.
But also a green heart of leaves.
A huge stone wheel was here, too.
I could also read some moving and exciting texts.
Another touching bas-relief.
The heroes from the 1st world war were commemorated on some metallic memorial plaques.
I entered shyly the church to pay my respects ti the heroes. Here I feasted my eyes on wonderful stained glass windows.
The ceiling was pretty nice, too.
Then, I uttered a prayer in front of the altar, thanking God dearly for allowing me to fulfill my dream of cycling in my beloved Italy.
Oh, How I love the peace of mind that invades me in places like this! I admire some more coloured glass windows.

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