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vineri, 24 februarie 2012

Bike trip in Hungary with my friend Marius Reghis ( august 2009) - part 3 - The urban gem - SZEKESFEHERVAR - a marvalous town

We really enjoy this tasty pizza and the spanish beer. Cheers my friend!

Then we head for the Balaton lake. We pass through many nice-looking vilagges with snug cottages.

The night overtakes us but we decide to cycle by the moonlight after putting on some headlights. We enjoy the nightriding a lot! We look like two cycling ghosts riding in Pannonia.

When we get tired I pitch our tent behind the first bush we come across. We don't know where we are and i won't ever remember where we slept that night.
In the morning we see where we slept and we are ready for the next adventure.

Within no more than one hour of cycling we get to Szekesfehervar.

We start visiting this town. First we see an interesting jewish church.

Then we get to the center and we see the oldest church of the town.

Nearby we spot an well preserved archeological site.

It is such a gloriuos day just perfect for visiting a lovely town. We feel so good!

This site is quite spectacular and we see some ivy covering an old building.

We start walking on the cobbled roads. There are plenty of people.

We get to an interesting stone globe.

This is quite an impressive town teeming with tourists.

Suddenly we get to a grand church.

We go inside to visit it and to say a short prayer thanking God for such a good life on two wheels.

The interior is awe-inspiring full of masterpieces.

We are really delighted by what we see in this town whose name is so hard to pronounce or to remember.

We continue our tour in this town and we see beautiful teens.

All of a sudden we find an interesting character from times immemorial.

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