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miercuri, 22 februarie 2012

Bike trip in Hungary with my friend Marius Reghis ( august 2009) - part 1 - The beautiful Budapest

We start this tour in the beginning of august. Till Kecskemet we travel by car. Marius' brother-in-law gives as a lift and we save 2 days of cycling. The first day we cycle less then 80 km on a secondary road and we decide to stop right at the entrance in the hungarian capital. Here we stay and enjoy a nice dinner and some beers at a restaurant.

Then we withdraw to sleep behind some bushes across the street where is a field.
We sleep very well and the next day we are ready to explore the wonderful Budapest.

After about 12km we get to a huge bridge. We are close to the city center.

After crossing the bridge we get to a bike path and we start visiting the city. An interesting entrance of a building draws our attention.

Not far from here we get to a magnificent palace.

The next stop is beside a green bridge.

It's time for us to admire a bit the mighty Danube and the buildings across the river.

In the vicinity we get to the Fishermen's bastion, a famous highlight of Budapest.

Then we see a lovely white bridge.

Not far from here we can admire a great waterfall.

Then we climb one km. with a gradient of 10% and we get to Citadella where we can enjoy a great vista over the Budapest.

Here on the walls of the citadel we can see many pictures with Budapest in times of yore.

Quite interesting indeed!

Then we have a photo together with the view over the city.

Budapest remains one of the best capitals in Europe!

Here we also come across some gorgeous statues.

Then we go down next to the Danube and we carry on cycling to the north. On our way we catch the glimpse of a luxurious ship.

We follow the bikepath and now and then we stop to snap a photo. We see another interesting building.

Soon we get to the Chain bridge which is the oldest in town.

We also can admire a stately church soon.

But the most impressive highlight of all Budapest remains the Parliament's Palace.

We simply can't have enough of gazing at this marvelous construction that bewitches our minds.

That was the splendid Budapest. Then we get out of it and we sleep next to the Danube on a lawn near a village. Nobody bothers us and we are happy.

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