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marți, 20 aprilie 2021

16- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (Porto Venere)

After spending a great evening at a pub where I met a nice albanian guy who married the owner's daughter and managed not only to escape poverty but also to lead a wonderful life, I spread my sleeping bag under a tree next to Genio hotel and had a relaxing sleep.
Day 14) Porto Venere I decided to spend another day in this paradise. In the morning I am feeding some pigeons.
Then I go to take a dip in the sea.
I am waching some seagulls.
I see a fancy boat.
After swimming I relax in the shade of some coniferous trees watching the tourists pass by.
I am lucky enough to see a unique scene, a seagull living in harmony wuth a cat.
Then I roam about this ancient town discovering new intersting places.
In the evening I am invited to Marco's birthday party and I have a fabulous time.
This pub has plenty of good drinks and I can admire some drawings.
Day 15) Portovenere - Portofino - Recco In the morning two carabinieri check me out and it s time for me to go. Ligurian splendid coast awaits me.
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