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miercuri, 3 martie 2021

3- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (Ferrara and a 10th century old church)

The entrance to the old town loks like this.
On the ancient walls some artists displayed their talents.
After a few hours of strolling around in the old town, it's time for me to go. I must admit Ferrara is one of the best towns I have ever seen. All the old town looks like an open museum.
Before I leave this fascinating town I take a dip in the dirty river Po of Volano which flows exactly through the middle of the old town. I will miss this exquisite town that really cast a spell upon me. What I loved the most was the fact that even the rich men were riding bicycles.
Good bye magnificent edifices and lofty churches. One day I will return for sure!
Having no tent, I slept in my sleeping bag at the south of Ferrara under a tree not far from a statue of the Holly Virgin. I think it was a public garden.
Day 2) Ferrara - Bologna Today I will cycle on the road SS64 towards Bologna. Soon I get to a an ancient church and I go to visit it.
Inside I find so many splendid works of art.
Some busts of saints.
Fine statues.
And some interesting quotations in latin.
A saint made of stone seems to sleep for ever in the middle of the church. I think he is Saint Leo and the church dates back to 10th century.
The heroes from the first two world wars are also commemorated properly.

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