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marți, 2 martie 2021

2- Grand bicycle tour in Italy from 2011 (Ferrara)

Day 1 - Porto Garibaldi - Ferrara It's time to go. I come across a very lovely flower.
It's so hot outside. I am sweating profusely.
Soon I have to stop to eat something I bought from a supermercato. It's some delicioius ham and cheese and a crunchy baguette.
I carry on cycling on SP1, a nice road wuth light traffic and lined by shady trees.
Soon I get to Ferrara, "citta delle biciclette"
This is an fantastic medieval town with many buildings dating back to 14th century when the town was governed by d'Este Family. First I go to admire Este Castle.
Quite imposing indeed!
In the town center there are many interesting temples and churches.
Ferrara is a paradise for cyclists. It has about 135 000 inhabitants.
The cathedral is magnificent, too.
The medieval architecture is astonishing, indeed.
I find many narrow streets.
I enter the museum of Casa Romei where I can gaze at an old painting.
I simply adore the cobbled streets and the medieval atmosphere present here so often.
Inside the fortified town there are many one-way streets.
On some ancient houses I run into many memorial plaques with moving messages.
I also come across a lion's statue that reminds me of Venice.
Not far from here I see a gipsy romanian woman begging for money.
Some lavish palaces are endowed even with caryatids.
In Ferrara was born the famous Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola who was an Christian preacher, reformer and martyr, renowned for his clash with tyrannical rulers and a corrupt clergy. Here I come across the house where he was born.
He is very appreciated here in Ferrara and has a nice statue in a an old square.
Upon the old houses dating back to 15th century I can admire wonderful works of art.

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